It was about couple of years ago that I thought of replacing all the incandescent bulbs in my home with brand new LED lights. But, it was the cost of these lights that made me think twice. A year later, I came across the LED lights that were manufactured by RB Electronics. Although these lights were made with a lot of care to work efficiently, they are priced at a cost that seems to be much lower than the other brands. It was then that I finally decided to replace the lights. It is been less than a year now since I have been using these lights and I must say they give out enough light and use very little electricity which has considerably reduced the amount that I used to spend on Electricity bills.

Surjeet Singh

We are a small company that deals in IT support services in Pune. Being a start-up, managing the budget was the greatest issue that we had to think of. We were trying to figure out all the areas where we could save the costs. Electricity was one major thing where we would be spending most of our funds. We thus contacted RB Electronics to give us the exact solution that would help us save the costs for a long run. This is when they advised us to go in for their Solar Lighting System. The initial cost is no doubt much higher than one may expect. But, the advantages that we gained after the installation are really good. The best part of installing this system is that we have said a complete good bye to Electricity bills! Another thing that we think as an advantage is that during the summer season, when there were power cuts, other companies relied on Generators while we had constant power supply as the sun was shining bright up there. I must say, RB Electronics has great solar power equipments that are efficient and require less maintenance.

Kamal Tapadiya