About us

Mr. Ramesh Sanghvi - President
Education: Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial)

Ramesh Sanghvi, the founder and President of RB Electronics, is a visionary leader with a strong background in industrial engineering. With a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering, Ramesh brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the organization. His strategic insights and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in shaping RB Electronics into a leading player in the industry. Ramesh's leadership philosophy revolves around innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, making him a driving force behind the company's success.
Our Vision
Quality, Innovation, Customization and Customer Satisfaction form the bedrock of our vision which has propelled us in our constant endeavors to set new standards of excellence in the industry.
Our Strengths
Backed by more than 2 decades of extensive industry experience, we at RB Eco Power, pride at our ability to continuously transform ourselves in meeting evolving challenges. Technology combined with innovation has given us the edge to stay ahead of competition making us a trusted name in the industry.
Our skilled and expert engineers harness the true power of R & D at our State of the Art facilities at the Pune Complex to create solutions which meet the most stringent and demanding client aspirations. As a policy our engineers and technicians work closely with client right from the inception stage to provide complete customization that can accurately address the typical specifications and functionalities required by the client.
Our commitment to creating Robust, Reliable and Efficient systems had won us accolades from across the world. Our satisfied and happy customers encourage and help us to strive for greater heights constantly. We have streamlined and well monitored quality assurance channels integrated into our operations which ensure the highest standards every time a product rolls out of our facility.
Managemenet Team
The dynamic leadership team at RB Electronics, led by President Ramesh Sanghvi and supported by Directors Sameer Sanghvi and Udit Sanghvi, reflects a harmonious blend of technical expertise, innovation, and business acumen. Together, they guide the company towards continued success, embodying the values of excellence, integrity, and customer satisfaction.

Mr. Sameer Sanghvi - Director

Education: Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics)

As the Director of RB Electronics, Sameer Sanghvi is responsible for steering the company towards technological advancements and growth. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering, Sameer possesses a deep understanding of the rapidly evolving technology landscape. His passion for innovation and commitment to staying at the forefront of electronic advancements have been pivotal in ensuring RB Electronics remains at the cutting edge of the industry. Sameer's leadership style is characterized by a balance of technical acumen and strategic vision.

Mr. Udit Sanghvi - Director

Education: Bachelor's in Commerce

Udit Sanghvi, as a Director at RB Electronics, brings a unique blend of business acumen and financial expertise to the leadership team. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Commerce, Udit plays a crucial role in the financial health and strategic decision-making of the company. His skills in financial management and business strategy contribute significantly to RB Electronics' overall success. Udit is dedicated to ensuring the company's financial stability and growth, aligning with the broader objectives of the organization.

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